Enjoy these stories from heroes in our industry and learn about how medical technology has impacted their lives.

Why Medtech Featuring ZOLL Employees

ZOLL’s medical devices, software and related services are used worldwide to diagnose and treat patients suffering from serious cardiopulmonary and respiratory conditions. ZOLL employees are passionate about improving patient outcomes and helping save lives.

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Sammy Khalifa, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Vicarious Surgical

With a father who was a mechanical engineer, Sammy was exposed to that world growing up, but it wasn’t until college he learned it could be applied to healthcare. Motivated by helping to make a positive change, he put his skills to use by co-founding a quickly growing medical device start-up where he is responsible for leading the technology vision and teams to bring it to life.

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Jesse Clapp, Sr. Software Quality Engineer, MedAcuity

When his grandfather had a stroke during a routine surgery, Jesse started to question whether there was a better way of doing things. Driven by a mission to improve others’ lives, Jesse is compelled to work in medtech for the opportunity to help develop exciting technology to save or improve lives.

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Ren LaGrant, Electrical Engineer, Minnetronix Medical

Ren was naturally drawn to become an electrical engineer because of her love for technology. While persuing her degree, however, she realized her desire to help people through medical technology and was ecstatic to add biomedical engineering as a minor. With this specialty, Ren has been able to work on life saving medical devices in her budding career and truly feels excited about the future of our industry.

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Catherine Bouthillier, Senior Manager, Healthcare Corporate Partnerships, PracticePoint, WPI

Having a brother who was born prematurely, Catherine saw firsthand the importance of research and innovation on quality of life and outcomes. That exposure, paired with an interest in helping others, set her down the path of pursuing a career as a pediatrician. When her father was diagnosed with progressive supranuclear palsy, she changed her course of study to communication in order to finish earlier to help at home. With that degree she entered corporate America but after many successful but demanding years, she found herself burnt out and sought a more rewarding opportunity. Marrying her love for research with her natural relationship skills, today she is thankful to make a meaningful impact on a daily basis in the medtech industry.

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Kerri Groenke, Account Executive, MedAcuity 

Kerri was always interested in technology and medicine but was unsure how she could help others if she wasn’t a nurse. Because of her love of connecting with people, she found her passion in healthcare sales where she provides solutions for her customers’ challenges. After her daughter was born with an undetected heart defect, she experienced the impact of medtech firsthand through her daughter’s heart surgery at age four. Inspired daily to build meaningful relationships, Kerri knows she is in the “right place at the right time” to access innovative solutions for her daughter.

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