Enjoy these stories from heroes in our industry and learn about how medical technology has impacted their lives.

Greg Fischer, CEO, AIM Medical Robotics

Greg has always been super interested in using robots to enhance patient care. From home health care applications to surgical interventions, he’s inspired by the potential for robotics to elevate medical technology. Perhaps even more exciting, he thinks is the fact that anyone can find a role in the medtech industry regardless of their background. If they enjoy technology, working with amazing people and helping others, there is a place for them.

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Natalie Rutman, Director, Social Media and Digital, Olympus Corporation of the Americas

Natalie is inspired to work for a medical device company that cares not just for patients, but also for its people. After hearing a speaker at Olympus talk about her battle with colon cancer and reminded that with Olympus insurance the preventative screening was covered in full, Natalie was prompted to get a colonoscopy, regardless of that fact she was only in her 30s with no family history of the disease. That ahead-of-schedule screening may have proved lifesaving, as precancerous polyps were found.

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Sammy Khalifa, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Vicarious Surgical

With a father who was a mechanical engineer, Sammy was exposed to that world growing up, but it wasn’t until college he learned it could be applied to healthcare. Motivated by helping to make a positive change, he put his skills to use by co-founding a quickly growing medical device start-up where he is responsible for leading the technology vision and teams to bring it to life.

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Kerri Groenke, Account Executive, MedAcuity 

Kerri was always interested in technology and medicine but was unsure how she could help others if she wasn’t a nurse. Because of her love of connecting with people, she found her passion in healthcare sales where she provides solutions for her customers’ challenges. After her daughter was born with an undetected heart defect, she experienced the impact of medtech firsthand through her daughter’s heart surgery at age four. Inspired daily to build meaningful relationships, Kerri knows she is in the “right place at the right time” to access innovative solutions for her daughter.

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Ami Dudzinski Mehr, Breast Cancer & Brain Tumor Survivor 

Ami didn’t find medtech. Medtech found her. Working to develop software to help with clinical trials, she never thought she would be a patient herself. But in 2014 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy with reconstruction. Then again five years later, she found out she had a brain tumor and through the use of over 1,000 medical devices and a 26-hour surgery, her life was saved yet again. Today, she dedicates her life to the industry that saved hers and strives to help other patients like her.

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Jorge Ferrer, Senior Vice President of Clinical Research and Strategy, Lumicell

After attending school in Puerto Rico, Jorge pursued a career in the technology sector, which to his dismay, left him unfulfilled. He decided on MIT for his doctorate, which connected him to the life changing work he is doing today to help those with cancer. Working collaboratively with technology and clinical leaders, he is now impacting the standards of cancer care.

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