Why Medtech is a multi-media branding campaign to increase awareness in the medtech industry. Through positive stories from our industry and curated economic development resources, we will inspire a new generation of people to join us in our pursuit to make the world a healthier place.

Candace Copher, Global Sales Development Associate, Gentuity

Candace’s husband, Jeff Copher, was involved in a very serious accident in 2021 – struck while riding his bicycle – and he was life flighted to the hospital where he underwent emergent neurosurgery. He sustained a severe traumatic brain injury and doctors told her that the odds were very slim he would make a full recovery. After months of procedures and rehab, today he is living a meaningful and joyful life thanks to medical technology innovations.

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Holly Scott, The Mullings Group 

Holly has had a career in the medtech industry, supporting organizations and individuals as they grow. She finds it personally and professionally rewarding to influence the future of innovation, having personally been touched by medical innovations when her son was young and required three open heart surgeries. Today, he is alive and well because of the medical technology companies that she works to support.

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Cydney Alexis De La Rosa, Erbi Biosystems

Growing up, Cydney was exposed to engineering from her mom and orthopedic devices at a young age from her grandmother’s knee surgeries and her own foot pronation for which she received custom orthotics. She finds fulfillment in innovation, helping patients, and working with customers in an externally facing role.

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W. David Lee, Lumicell

David worked in the high-tech industry building semiconductors for consumer products for the majority of his career, but when his wife, Ramsey, was diagnosed and passed away from breast cancer in 2003, he knew he was destined for something different. It has become his life goal to “improve breast cancer care. Period.”

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Share Your Story

We have all been impacted by the medical device technology industry in different ways. We want to hear from you about how it has improved your quality of life – or even saved your life or that of a loved one. Work in the medtech industry? Your story matters! Share what drives you and you’ll help create awareness of the industry you love.