Enjoy these stories from heroes in our industry and learn about how medical technology has impacted their lives.

Gregory Cole, Chief Technology Officer, AIM Medical Robotics

As a child, Gregory witnessed the evolution of medical technology firsthand when his dad underwent a number of invasive spinal surgeries. He was inspired not only by the technological innovation but the outcomes those improvements had on his dad’s quality of life and on his family’s experience. Now committed to improving others’ lives, he is passionate about driving medical technology evolution to create positive change.

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Meggan Werkheiser, Content Marketing Manager, Olympus Corporation of the Americas

As a teenager, Meggan already understood the importance of preventive cancer screenings after her father passed away from colon cancer before the age of 50. That gave her the drive to support colon cancer research and help raise awareness around this preventable disease. Now working in medtech, she feels even closer to her father as she contributes to a team that can make a difference in people’s lives.

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Ren LaGrant, Electrical Engineer, Minnetronix Medical

Ren was naturally drawn to become an electrical engineer because of her love for technology. While persuing her degree, however, she realized her desire to help people through medical technology and was ecstatic to add biomedical engineering as a minor. With this specialty, Ren has been able to work on life saving medical devices in her budding career and truly feels excited about the future of our industry.

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Jeffrey Champagne, Vice President, BusinessDevelopment, Inertia Product Development

Jeff was exposed to medtech at a young age, sitting on his mom’s lap in the radiology suite as she worked. Innately curious, that experience lit a passion within him to pursue a career of bringing medical device innovations to the market to improve patient care, reduce costs and help caregivers and families. Jeff is continually inspired by the exposure to cutting edge technology, being able to problem solve on a daily basis, mentoring amazing people, and the knowledge that the work we are doing collectively in the industry is going to improve lives.

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Jesse Clapp, Sr. Software Quality Engineer, MedAcuity

When his grandfather had a stroke during a routine surgery, Jesse started to question whether there was a better way of doing things. Driven by a mission to improve others’ lives, Jesse is compelled to work in medtech for the opportunity to help develop exciting technology to save or improve lives.

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Why Medtech Featuring ZOLL Employees

ZOLL’s medical devices, software and related services are used worldwide to diagnose and treat patients suffering from serious cardiopulmonary and respiratory conditions. ZOLL employees are passionate about improving patient outcomes and helping save lives.

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